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Our standard model direction is left hand lay S (Z on request).
Litzwires, used for windings, are produced following customers' specification.
Enamelled copper wires that are used to produce Litzwires respect IEC standards in force.

Bunches are an assembly of several enamelled copper wires. For large cables, several stranded wires are bunched together. In this type of cable, the wires do not have a definite place in the conductor.

Litzwires are stranded on UNILAY-FREE (bunches not tight or free). The winding's direction of the layer is the same.

A) Cross Sections
We are able to supply to your company unit wires covered but also and above all bunches with a number of strands between 2 and 56 000.
For bunches of Litzwires, dimensions are between 0,064mm and 25mm of diameter.
Cables' cross sections are located between 0,004 mm² and 200 mm².
We can shape it by rolling the wire in square or rectangular section..
Rolling in square or rectangular section is possible on cables between 2,5 mm² and 150 mm².