LGM Le Guipage Moderne
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15 January 1948 , Mr Jean Joseph FRECHET established « Le Guipage Moderne » Company with a capital of 3000 Francs. The activity was the manufacturing and the resale of electric cables.

April 1992, « Le Guipage Moderne » settled down in 86 Avenue Raspail to Gentilly.
Strong with a potential of manufacturing that had increased since Mr Joseph PELLEN's arrival to the management in 1989, L.G.M. realized its first commercial exhibition in the show « ELEC ». The same year L.G.M. decided to develop a quality handbook.

1996 After a good year, Mrs Josette PELLEN who had taken the management in 1995 decided on a new capitalization.

1997 ISO9002 Certification by BVQI.

1999 Moving for more spacious and better appropriate places in 5 Rue de Bicêtre to L'Haÿ-Les-Roses. And in 2001 UL Certification delivered by UNDERWRITERS Laboratories Inc.

2002 Modification of the legal status of the company. L.G.M. became a Limited company. Mrs Josette PELLEN was the Managing director ant the capital passed in 180 000 €.

2003 New presentation of the quality handbook according to the reference table ISO 9001:2000.

2008 Mr Patrick PELLEN became Managing director of L.G.M. company.

2017 Updating of the quality system according to the reference table ISO 9001:2015.

Annual investments to develop our machinery pool and so be always able to better answer the various needs for our customers.